The Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools

“CORRIDOR OF SHAME: the neglect of South Carolina's rural schools" is a 58 minute documentary that tells the story of the challenges faced in funding an adequate education in South Carolina's rural school districts.

The documentary, supported by many of South Carolina's leading foundations and community leaders, tracks the evidence presented on behalf of eight school districts in Abbeville County School District v. The State of South Carolina.

Struggling with the effects of reduced funding from the State of South Carolina in recent years and declining support from local governments due to plant closings and diminishing tax bases, these school districts are hard pressed to provide a minimally adequate education to their students.

There are 36 plaintiff school districts in the Abbeville case. Of those, eight are representative plaintiffs in the suit.

This documentary is the story of their extraordinary struggle to seek funding for an adequate education in rural South Carolina and the growing support for their cause.

"CORRIDOR OF SHAME: the neglect of South Carolina's rural schools" is dedicated to the children of South Carolina's I-95 corridor. It was produced and directed by Bud Ferillo. John S. Rainey is Executive Producer.

» Reflections on the Making of CORRIDOR
By: Bud Ferillo
Producer and Director

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