CORRIDOR OF SHAME A Documentary Produced & Directed By Bud Ferillo
The Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools
  • Contact your state legislators. Each of us has one Senate and one House Member. Tell them you want the General Assembly to enact comprehensive legislation that will remedy the problems responsible for the appalling conditions described in Corridor of Shame. (Identify your legislators by going to

  • Tell your legislators you want them to stop spending millions of dollars defending the State of South Carolina against a lawsuit brought by school districts whose educators, parents and students are featured in Corridor of Shame. (Read actual trial testimony and school district/school data at

  • Purchase your own copy of Corridor of Shame. Arrange for your civic or social club or book group to view and discuss it. Loan it to your work colleagues and members of your extended family.

  • Ask a member of the legislature to speak to your civic or community group, focusing on what the General Assembly should do to improve educational opportunities in the state’s rural, low-wealth school districts.

  • Take a drive to a community featured in Corridor of Shame, or to one similar. Make your own informal, observational assessment of the community’s economic, educational, and cultural infrastructure. What do you think South Carolina can and should do to strengthen these communities?

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper calling for the Governor and General Assembly to address the critical financial needs of our state’s rural schools.

  • Support the efforts of Education First, the statewide coalition that is advocating on behalf of equity funding for South Carolina’s rural schools, by sending a financial contribution to P.O. Box 5975, Columbia, SC 29250.